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Kingdom Knights is a new strategy game targeted at casual players that just launched beta on Facebook. A hybrid game with a blend of role-playing, building simulation and strategy, the game takes players into a fantastical world, designed in Japanese anime style, where they role-play chivalrous knights to protect villagers and drive the bandits out of the land.

A solid strategy title, Kingdom Knights contains the two pillars known as town-building and tactical battles, and it adds nice twists to both fronts to create a fresh gaming experience for casual players. From the starting tutorial, you will get a direct impression as you learn the mechanics by completing quests that shift you between the home town and exploration map.

Kingdom Knights

You will build a lovely home town to support battles as usual. Construct and upgrade a variety of buildings, producing Supplies, researching new combat skills and recruiting different types of military units, and expand the town to adjacent land for further development. Time and Energy are the essence of the town-building feature, and other limiters like building slots and queue remain there, too. While the core gameplay here is in the same vein with any builder out there, you won’t fail to notice the uniqueness in this game.

First of all, it’s a globe instead of a plane on which your town stands. You can shift the perspective from traditional view to the global view (more like bird’s view), and vice verse. Secondly, the game mixes farming and factory elements into the conventional town-building mechanics. You will build farms, stone houses and various business structures, in which you grow various crops or raise animals or produce honey, but you will finally harvest Supplies or get Coin invariably. Then, almost everything there, not only constructed facilities but also environmental objects like pebbles and trees, can be re-arranged with tools, be it rotation or reposition. And finally, a great change in recruitment of fighters takes place, allowing you to take soldiers being recruited immediately into battles before the recruitment completes.

As to tactical battle, it’s neither the way you usually see in strategy titles. You have a series of Scenarios to conquer, each with some nodes to pass in sequence, following the story line. To enter a battle, you can take up to three army types and deploy them by different battle formations based on each unit’s advantages and disadvantages. There is the usual rock-paper-scissors design among units. Take Warrior as an example. It is great against melee/axe, skirmish/armored and ranged/bow but weak in face of melee/hammer, skirmish/halberd and ranged/firearms.

Before heading to battle, you also need to check out the army morale, which if low can be boosted using Supplies, decide whether or not to use powerful Tactics Items (usually premium) like Stun Bomb (damage to enemy units plus a chance to reduce enemy’s accuracy for 20 turns) or Fist of Justice (50 damage to all enemy units), and at last charge your unit with Energy to send them to battlefield. Then the war is on, out of your control, which is depicted in a cartoony style. You can watch the animated action and you have the option of skipping it directly to get the result. If you win, you can get Supplies, coins and sometimes a treasure box with special rewards like equipment, potion, expansion permit or keys. In addition to the ever challenging nodes in one scenario, you can sometimes divert to have Treasure Hunt adventure that has stronger enemies and correspondingly better rewards, if you have the right keys to open it.

Moreover, there is some role-playing part in the game. At the very beginning, you can create and customize your own heroic character, who is more than mere face of your castle and town but the leader that will fight in battles in person. You can further customize it with various equipment you won from battle, and watch it perform various skills you unlocked for units from time to time.

Kingdom Knights is a casual game with its cartoon artwork and non-challenging battles. Hybrid and diversified, the game combines many of the favorite elements from different genres to create a fun, enjoyable experience for casual gamers.

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