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Kingdom Quest is a new casual, social game that takes us back again to the medieval age. Instead of adventure and battles, we will help the King and Queen build a kingdom on the basis of a robust economy. Build a store, clear and store 3 piles of rubble, and feed the peasants. The kingdom quest starts.

Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest starts straightforwardly with quests and basically depends on the quest line. The gameplay is simple to sum up after you finish the first several tasks. You need to place Farm Plots to place produce and mines so that you can get various materials for cooking or crafting, and you need to add Castle Plots where you accommodate workers, build various stalls and seat customers for products and profits. For instance, you grow lettuce on a farm plot, harvest it in ripening time, and then make Green Salad in the Pantry you built on the castle plot; and you produce copper ore with the Copper Mine built on the farm plot, collect the materials in time, wake the sleeping worker to craft pots, then collect the Cooking Pots, and finally sell or trade the product for coins.

You will find yourself in a beautiful 2D world beaming with vitality. There are people in and out of the castle, customers sitting around tables, courtiers serving the food, retailers standing behind the stalls, and workers performing various tasks from weaving on a loom or stirring a boiling pot over the bonfire. And there is the dragon either spurting fires to play with itself or sleeping with sweet dream about the castle, the rabbits appearing and disappearing in holes, bees flying around the hive, and various plants quietly growing up. The animation and the liveliness out of it adds a plus to the simple play.

The core gameplay is to set up an assembly line and keep various businesses ongoing. Get the materials needed, have the workers do their job, and sell the products – that’s the basic pattern to complete most quests. If you are looking for variety, it is saved for the large collection of materials, recipes and crafting items. You will find a large, organized shop where you can find ingredients from fruits & berries and grains & seeds to meat & dairy and herbs & spices, and materials including plants & trees, animals and mined goods. Not all materials and ingredients are available initially. Or put it anther way, only three or so basic items of each category is purchasable, while the rest needs to be unlocked with Keys to enlist the supply line.

You can get 2 keys per level up or directly buy the package with real money. The game doesn’t have the usual Energy restriction, but has other setups to serve the same function. It only allows you to have a preset max number of Farm Plots and Castle Plots at certain level, which means you can’t quickly crowd the empty land with as many stalls, customer seats and mines, etc. as you wish. Besides, to produce the ingredients and materials takes time, for hours sometimes; so does the process of making them into food or products. So with limited spots and long waiting time, it is not a game that demands you constant presence.

If you want to quicken up the growth, you can but with premium currency. You can instantly finish a project with Speedups, purchase Plots expansion or just skip certain quests using Florins. Both premium currency are offered in a little amount by playing and can be bought for real money directly as well. As you advance to high levels, you will need Keys more than the game offers you. And similarly, you will have to buy them to get the locked ingredients and materials eventually.

It is a social game, which it makes clear early in the game by Friends-related quests. Invite friends to gain free Speedups, recruit friends to watch over the dragon egg, ask friends for the milk to feed the dragon to grow, visit friends to get certain rewards, send gifts to friends and get one, and so on and so forth. If you don’t want to be spammer, you have no other choices but to either leave the quest unfinished or skip them by spending Florins.

Kingdom Quest does a great job in the artwork and animated world, but doesn’t keep an equally great work in the mechanics and contents in the core. It is good-looking, but it is still a conventional farm-and-factory simulation.

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