Kingdom Under Fire II



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Kingdom Under Fire II is an upcoming online game, the latest entry of the Kingdom Under Fire series. The first MMO ever in the franchise, the game has merged two of the most popular elements: action role-playing and real-time strategy into a whole MMO experience. The players in it will be a commander who leads hundreds of warriors and fights together with them in wars against other players online.

Kingdom Under Fire II

Game Features:

  • Fierce rivalry among three warring factions known as Human Alliance, Dark Legion and Encablossa
  • Recruit and grow up to 100 types of troops including Infantries, Archers, Inquisitors, Air units, Mammoth and Bone Dragon, etc.
  • Grow your heroes and the large group of various troops, and experience other role-playing features
  • Take full control of your troops as a commander who can run around with troops freely, fight as a soldier in the middle of massive battlefield, and meanwhile give orders to various units like moving, changing formations and performing actions
  • Fight intense medieval-style siege battles where you can use towers, ladders, catapults and many other castle-siege tools to approach victory
  • Party together, join a guild, form guild alliance and finally make a nation – expand your community and expand your territories in wars to become the ultimate ruler of the continent
  • Immerge in the cinematic gameplay with satisfactory combat, flashy animation, realistic destructible props and the most detailed world

Kingdom Under Fire II creates its storyline following chronologically on from Circle of Doom. The land of Bersia is torn apart by the endless wars. Who will be the ultimate hero to end all the chaos?

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