KingHunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game

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KingHunt is a beautiful and slick slicing game that ascends the next high level in the very genre with its lovely story, gorgeous graphics and 60 fps gameply.

In KingHunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game a wicked chef who bakes kings and breathes life into them with pure evil has conquered the beautiful Heart Island and enslaved people of all 12 kingdoms with his ten creations. You are their only hope to defeat the Evil Kingmaker and his 10 puppet kings with the powers at your fingertips. Use your skillful slicing action to cut the devious minions and their kings into halves and finally defeat the chef to return peace and beauty to the island.


KingHunt prepares over one hundred challenges for you to get the large hordes of monsters. The Kingmaker’s army is quite powerful with 200 types of units that hop, swim and fly but you can grow stronger than all of them by utilizing your own powers and collecting a wide selection of magical trinkets. Slow time, trigger chain explosives and summon meteor showers – all these powers facilitate better performance in battle. As you slice your way through levels, you will unlock new kingdoms – break through the defense of the Muffin King in the South, free the forest from the stink of Count Cheese and destroy the fire-spitting Dino King in its lair located in the volcano – and take back the conquered lands one by one with the various Achievements earned along the way hanged high in the honor board.

KingHunt – The Next Generation Slicing Game features awesome graphics and crisp action of console quality. A very addictive and beautiful app. Get it now in the App Store for 99 cents.

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Key Features:

  • A beautiful and addictive next-gen slicing game with 60 fps gameplay
  • 12 awesome kingdoms to explore with 110 challenges awaiting
  • Great fingertip powers and 100 magic trinkets to facilitate the slicing action
  • Infinite slice variants due to the dynamic slicing technology
  • Over 70 achievements to collect and share via the Game Center support
  • Outrageously beautiful graphics and great soundtracks