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Kings and Legends is a free- and fun-to-play multiplayer card trading game mixing tactical combat with elements of MMORPG, which can be played directly on the web browser. Blending features from several popular genres, the game provides a unique experience with tons of fun.

Kings and Legends

Being a collectible card game in the core, Kings and Legends offers every player an initial deck of cards and starts to illustrate how it plays. The in-game battlefield is designed with a unique multi-lane presentation, in which two opponents can summon units out of cards to confront each other until one side loses all its health. On the special map, you can play cards with the sandglass value being zero in your hand to the battlefield, placing them in one of the available squares of the lane strategically to deal damage head-on against enemy units and finally their hero.

Each card has a base 2 moves and base 2 attacks as well as the values of health and attack, and most cards have their own special abilities, buff or debuff. Once you play through the tutorial, you will get enough coins to buy the Novice Booster Pack that adds you another six cards to you deck. Since then you’ve already gotten a diversified deck of cards and can put your minds on the strategy in battles.

cards with Vigilance ability can attack enemies around them instead of those in front only, with a preferred attacks against those behind them, so that they are especially useful when your units are all heading forward, leaving the hero in the backfield vulnerable to enemies that approach nearby. The flying units like the Pegasus have extra moves and possess the ability to fly bypass those blocking their way rather than eliminating them firstly, so that they are usually the vanguard to directly fight the enemy Hero. And there are cards with shields, healing power, recovery possibility after death, ranged attack, elite creatures, etc.. There are even stationary units like spikes and walls used as strong shields that must be destroyed to get hands on enemies behind them and can recover the health value by one point every time your units get hurt in their turn.

A rich variety of cards plus the special multi-lane map combine to create a fun battle deep strategy. The vivified battle scene – with different units actually fighting in the map instead of just cards crushing – makes the combat all the more engaging. The fact that you are there making deployment in response to the enemy moves adds a sense of real control in battlefield. But if you get tired of that, you can always turn on the Auto-battle option.

As most card games, it monetizes mainly by the purchasable booster decks including the most powerful cards. So pay-to-win is its hard defect, especially when you run into a powerful, premium enemy in PvP. But it does manage to keep the balance of gameplay in that it allows players to gain the desired powerful decks by commitment. Keep playing and earn silvers to purchase the boosters that make you strong. And the grinding that gets you silver is not necessarily tedium, as you have a variety of battles at hand. Pursue the single-player campaign to become the mighty king on the land, team up with up to 3 friends to slay Bosses for rare loot, or duel other players – by invitation or go with matchmaking – in Arena for scaled battles with 1v1, 2v2 or 4v4 PvP. Besides, there is the Guild system that provides new contents and special Guild-only bonuses.

Other than card battles, there is a city-management feature in the game, which allows you to unlock and upgrade buildings in the town to enhance your cards and heroes. You can get silver and crystal as taxes from the city hall, visit shops to get booster cards, learn Alchemy and Blacksmithing to increase the power of your deck and hero, and so on and so forth. On the whole, Kings and Legends is a richly-featured game that will give both card and RPG fans a good time.

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