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Kings & Warlords is a new strategy MMO published by Digital Chocolate for Facebook. It draws inspiration from the hallmark of classic strategy titles and presents a fairly conventional gameplay tactics fans are familiar with.

Kings & Warlords

Almost all basic concepts commonly seen in strategy games are available in Kings & Warlords. Construct various buildings and upgrade them, generate and manage four major resources, conduct researches to unlock more power-ups in high level, train army units and dispatch them into varied battle formations, seek for allies to get greater control over the land, and initiate wars against other players and clans for resources and influences. All these elements around research, military and resources are integrated to make a complete experience that satisfies the strategists.

Players start with only a small village and need to take time to grow it. Almost every activity from construction and level-up to training and researching costs expansive periods of time to complete. The higher the level, the longer the time. As the kingdom develops, the army expands as well capable of challenging more powerful enemies.

The in-game battles are invisible with an optional simplified video, to speak nothing of the animation in the war. But the lively gaming environments make up a bit. It vividly presents a medieval life with little figures in the kingdom bustling to and fro engaging in their own jobs. And the hue of light colors takes out much of the heavy atmosphere supposedly related to the military theme, creating a casual, calm kingdom under the reign of a wise leader.

Kings & Warlords doesn’t bring anything new or innovative to the established genre. While the gaming world looks more and more animated and slick, the core gameplay doesn’t change at all.

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