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Kiwi & Me is an addictive, stylish and super-cute Match-3 puzzler that brings a nice twist to the traditional swapping and matching gameplay.

Kiwi & Me has a delightful story to thread dozens of addictive levels. Instead of a direct matching game, it starts with an interactive narration about your finding of a strange egg and having it hatched to get Kiwi, the magical creature half-plant, half-bird. To help this incredibly adorable little creature, you take him on the journey of searching for his mother while finding food, toys and accessories for him along the way by making matches of tiles.

Kiwi and Me

There are 75 initial levels (at launch) for you and Kiwi to pass. Each level is a different challenge but invariably with cuteness all over the board. The essence is the same: swapping tiles to make matches of at least 3 same colored tiles and bigger matches creating booster tiles with powerful effects. Richly designed with different goals, different levels challenge you to apply varied strategies.

While the basis is ubiquitous, Kiwi & Me has special appeals with the artistic graphics & animation and diverse board design. The in-game designs from ordinary tiles to boosters to special effects are purely creative and artistic. Around a Nature theme, you get a colorful board with leaves, wind, fire and water, etc. to swipe all over when triggered. Moreover, every level has a surprise item to collect for Kiwi – it can be colorful paints to brush Kiwi into another color, cool accessories like sunglasses to dress Kiwi up, nuts to feed Kiwi, and tools like soccer ball and building blocks. Not all special items show up directly in the first play, which encourages you to re-play the levels to get them all.

You and Kiwi will travel across forests, mountains, desert and more terrains, each with distinct backgrounds and varying tile designs. And you can navigate your way forward by breaking the many boulders in the way by collecting enough toys and tools for Kiwi or purchasing the map package to unlock. Along the way, you can teach Kiwi to say your name or chirp ”Hungry”. And it is a wonderful journey to have the cute creature by your side, listening to his eating, clapping and cheering sounds and watching him to grow.

Kiwi & Me is a wonderful display of how you can make a creative and addictive game on the established pattern of a genre. With its artistic graphics, interactive storytelling and diverse gameplay, Kiwi & Me will keep you hooked for hours.

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