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Klondike: The Lost Expedition

Klondike: The Lost Expedition
  • Release Date: Jan. 21, 2013
  • Publisher: Vizor Interactive
  • Developer: Vizor Interactive
  • Genre:
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Klondike: The Lost Expedition is a rich simulation game on Facebook. Set in a distant, icy land called Snow Peaks Valley, the game sees you on the mission of searching for your father who never returned from an expedition. From the clues of the last letter from him, this snowy village is the last place your father described and so becomes your first spot in the journey.

Klondike The Lost Expedition

Before you embark on the adventure, you have to stay in the village for quite a long time preparing for the harsh winter in good time and equipping your expedition to further east. To be specific, you have to farm in the village. The work is plentiful – plow the land in the garden and plant and harvest all kinds of crops and veggies, purchase and raise animals, clear the bushes, trees and stone for space and resources, build houses to accommodate workers and factories to produce diverse goods, and repair the bridge to go to distant lands, and on and on.

If exciting adventure is what you crave for, your heart will probably sink with the long and seemingly endless farm work. Even though the game has an adventurous story, the core game play is around point-and-click-based simulation. And four major types of work will drain up your energy – clearing the land, farming & feeding animals, building and goods production.

Most areas of the village are covered by grass, bushes, stones and trees. You clear them to spare space for buildings and gain varying resources like wood, stone, ores, grass, etc.. When you mine rocks to the end you will not only get stones but also hidden treasures like free energy, gold dust, coins, worms and materials for construction. As for construction, it covers two important building types, housing and factories. Various cabins are available to shelter workers while factories are set up to produce materials and process them. You can unlock and build sawmill and quarry that cut trees and mine stones automatically saving your own energy; and you can construct several workshops that create all kinds of construction materials from metal and clayware to dairy products and clothing.

Tendering the garden and animals gives you a wide range of raw materials. Feed the chicken to pick eggs from the nest, milk the cow and make dairy products out of it, and plant and harvest strawberries, rye, sweet beets, cabbage, beans, etc.. These materials can be processed in the Barn to create other goods that can be sold for coins or used in the construction. You can make fresh grass into hay with wind and combine hay and chicken eggs into chicken egg tray. While some simple products can be made when you gather the required materials, some complex items like cable and turkey egg container need special items to unlock their production procedure.

The diverse chores in the village consume energy. It takes long time to turn the village into a bustling place and expand to adjacent lands. As you gain experience via hard work, you can unlock new realms that are previously covered in clouds and play new contents and features.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition integrates the basic social elements that encourage you to add friends so that you can benefit from the mutual free gifting and visits. If you have vacant rents and cabins you can also hire friends at a cost to be your worker helping in the various chores.

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is on the whole a solid and conventional simulation game with rich farming contents as well as decent graphics and sounds. While it has an adventure storyline, it doesn’t develop the core gameplay towards that direction, which could be disappointing for hearts of wanderlust. For farming fans looking for just another land of cultivation, it is a not bad option.

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  1. Angel says:

    I desperately need friends for Klondike The Lost expedition (especially those new to the game I can friend, if I can get 3 I will get a prize) and will accept anyone who write me to ask to be game friends. Please only contact me about Klondike, as other games will be refused. It seems certain items like water and wind are nearly impossible to get, unless I'm missing something. I'm happy to give gift you need back, but I do need to send out at least on water. I'd love to know if anyone has a guide to housing/using friends for work or how to get extra energy for big rocks. Thanks, Angel



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