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Knight’s Fable is a free browser-based fantasy MMORPG where you assume the role of a hero highly anticipated to rid the world of demons. To start the adventure, you can become a tough Knight dealing physical damages, a spell-master Magi, a fast assassin-style Fighter or a supportive Spirius. You can choose your favorite battle style and then recruit heroes & beasts to fill in other roles in a team.


In-game missions are plentiful. Besides main quests, you can clear dungeons, join PvP battles for higher rank, take jobs to earn extra coins, party up with friends in special events and form an alliance to enter exclusive activities like alliance wars. All comes down to a turn-based battle, automatic and animated. During fights there is nothing you can do. Where you take control is pre-battle. Level-up your heroes’ skills and arrange their stances, upgrade the beast and equip your fighters with the best gear – these are the decisive factors.

Key Features:

  • Choose from four traditional classes: Knight, Magi, Fighter and Spiritus
  • Build your own team by recruiting heroes and training beasts
  • Develop your character in multiple builds including skill sets, star, gear and so on
  • Interact with other players in multiplayer contents like alliance, team-based events, PvP arenas, etc.
  • Play various mini-games such as city-building and fishing

Knight’s Fable has entered open beta since March 29, 2014. It’s free to play.

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