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  • Release Date: May, 2013
  • Publisher: Adictiz
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Card
  • Official Site

Laboratz is a new rat fights-themed Card game newly landed on Facebook. It features over 150 different cards for players to collect and create an army of rats dispatched in fast duel against other players in real time. Fast, fun and free, it is a nice choice for a quick match of card fights.

In Labaratz you start as a Grade 1 student new in Labanoir High School, a school for mad scientists. In your first day in school, you find people there are only interested in fighting each other using rats. And you will find yourself be lured into this immersive game very soon after your first battles in the tutorial.


It’s easy to pick up the basic rules, despite the all new gameplay. Different from the usual game rules and traditional card design wrapped under fantasy theme, the game presents great creativity and originality. Around the rat fights theme, cards simply have four numbers on the sides to indicate its strength. To play a match, you and your opponent take turns to play cards – at least 9 rats to make a team – on the nine-square board, trying to capture the opponent’s rats with cards in hand stronger than enemy’s. Once the fighting zone is full of rats, whoever has the most creatures of his color wins. Moreover, rats belong to different Elements – Mechanical, Mutant and Rodioactive – each with its strengths and weaknesses over the others in a rock-paper-scissors style. When two rats have the stats on sides in common, the different elements may make them stronger or weaker correspondingly, which adds another layer of strategy into the gameplay.

Try to aim at the weakest side of a rat to capture it, take consideration of the Element, flip over enemy’s rats to change its color, and win in the fast-paced match to win Pills and ranking points – that’s the core of the game. With ranking points, you can level up your Grade to compete against stronger opponents; and with Pills, you can improve your rats by upgrading their statistics.

There is no story-driven solo campaign. It’s focused on PvP duel via the auto match-making system. While you can compete against random players, you needs at least invite three friends to join the Weekly Tournament. Laboratz offers you some free coins that cover your first rookie pack. While you can take time to gradually improve your rats, you always have the option of purchasing some unique themed Bundles and Boosters that give you special and rare rats.

Laboratz is addictive with its fast-paced, tactical gameplay, and it creates a fresh experience for card battle due to its innovative card design and flipping-over-cards mechanics. Simple to learn and hard to master. Card fans may not want to miss the rat fights.

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