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LAWLESS is a cinematic arcade-style 3D shooting game with gorgeous graphics and explosive battle scenes. Set in the 1990’s Los Angeles, the game tells the story of a gangster’s rise on the streets. Do you have what it takes to be a gangster leader? Show your guts in the lawless world!

In LAWLESS, you will become a criminal who just comes out of jail but has no intention to say goodbye to your old life. Instead, accepting an offer from the notorious Goldstein, you will get back your old job but work for a new boss. Borrow some guns and get your own crew. The cat-and-mouse game begins!


Around the crime theme, Lawless provides a myriad of missions that are challenging but well-paid. Get the contents from an armored car safeguarded by cops, assassinate your old boss to show loyalty to the new employer, simply kill to horn your shooting accuracy or mastery of a specific weapon, bomb off a police car, bullet through some SWAT shield opponents, finish off rival gangsters, and so on and so forth. And these missions will lead you into a rich variety of places – banks, grand hotels, Venice beach; downtown, the 5th Street, central garden; lair club, helipad and Venice Boulevard, etc. – all designed with cool realistic graphics like being in a hot action movie.

All missions, whatever the cover is, come down to chaotic crossfire. You need to survive three stages killing the required number of opponents to clear each and achieve the specific goal to complete a mission. As the mission varies, you will encounter diversified opponents such as the SWAT Shield, the special target with a white ring around him/her and the tough bosses who are well protected, armed with powerful weapons or hidden in a hovering helicopter. While you fight, you automatically take cover behind different objects, especially during reload. But you still need to watch out for the oncoming grenades that must be shot in air, for they can get you even in cover. And in some scenes, watch out for the innocent running civilians – If you shoot them down, your payment goes down.

While you don’t worry about running out bullets in most missions, you have to when accepting a task that only allows you to fire 200 rounds or less. In such conditions, it becomes really important to choose the right type of weapons. Although crews gain 10% damage bonus with their preferred weapon type and some guns are more powerful in killing for general situations, you should equip them with pistols or rifles with a low rate of fire and high stopping power for a better chance of winning.

LAWLESS prepares hundreds of weapons for you. SMG, LMG, Shotgun, Heavy, Rifle, Assault, pistol, grenade, etc. – you will always find the right guns for your crew members. Each weapon ranks differently from low to high and has its own attributes in damage, clip size, reload time and fire rate. You can enhance the performance of weapons by leveling them up for Cash, earned by completing missions. If you score two or more stars in a mission, you gain a Weapon Bonus which gives free guns; and in some special boss-assassin tasks you have a chance to get their custom weapon too. You will soon build up your own arsenal with various types of collection but still need CrimeCoins, the hard currency, to purchase those really sick ones.

With progression in the mission list, you can expand your crew by recruiting new members. (again, CrimeCoins get you high-rank and hot she-criminals.) And you can always hire extra helpers like elite NPC hitman or medic and many felons (real players) out there to take on tough missions but need to pay a price, CrimeCoins for elite NPC and 10% or more of your earnings for the real players. If you want, you can add other player as allies for more handy recruitment and use their abilities: supportive fires, grenades, NTN attack, shape shooter sniping, suppressing SMG fire and so on to successfully close a task.

LAWLESS unlocks all its missions for free play but encourages in-app purchase. It is actually generous to offer a one-time free trial for every of its pay-marked features such as the premium guns that kill opponents by one shot instead of multiple taps, the battle boost that doubles your gain of cash and Exp in half of an hour and the elite NPC hitman. But it kind-of promotes its CrimeCoins locked contents and friend-invite a little too frequently. Moreover, the impressive cinematic gun fight becomes less intriguing and cool with the repetitive missions. Despite the cons, it is overall a good arcade shooter fans enjoy in pastime.

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