League of Angels – Marriage System, New Angel & Valentine’s Day Event!

TIME : 11th Feb 2014 TueAUTHOR : Eleanor

GTArcade is back at it again, in light of Valentine’s Day they are adding yet more content to League of Angels, their latest free-to-play MMORPG title. Players that are lucky enough to have found their in-game soul mate will now be able to get hitched, while those who are less fortunate will still enjoy commanding the new Angel Amora obtained from partaking in the special Valentine’s Day event.

League of Angels

League of Angels’ new Marriage feature isn’t just a gimmick! In addition to the pleasing experience of affirming their love for one another, players who marry in-game will also receive bonuses to key attributes that improve the strength of their main character. Attribute bonuses can be boosted to maximum strength by using Love Crystals that increase the couple’s affection for one another. Just like real marriages, wedding rings and the proper attire are required, plus the couple must hold a wedding ceremony full of friends and free food! The wedding rings and attire aren’t simply some fancy bling as both will give the bearer a significant boost to key attributes such as HP, physical attack, magic attack, agility, and defense. On the flip side, if all turns sour after the romantic honeymoon phase, players may end up with a divorce notice where upon divorce they will lose all attribute bonuses.

The new Angel Amora is a rose with many thorns. While Amora may look delicate and harmless, searing pain awaits those who attempt to cross her. Amora’s unique spell, Deadly Rose, sends forth a cascade of razor sharp rose petals causing severe magic damage to all enemies. Spell damage is reliant on her attack rating, thus the stronger Amora is the stronger the spell will be. In addition to her deadly magical spells, Amora’s Halo blesses four friendly party members with buffs to HP, critical strike, and attack. Rest assured, Amora will be a great ally to all adventurers seeking to engage in battle against the forces of Darkness.

As hinted at earlier, players must partake in the Valentine’s Day event in order to obtain Amora. The event places players at the whim of the Wheel of Luck where they will spend in-game currency to spin the wheel in the hope of receiving great prizes. Players can win Amora Seals which in great enough numbers can be used to summon and obtain Amora. Alternatively, there is a chance for players can win Amora straight up! Wedding attire can also be won, and will grant significant attribute bonuses to the wearer. When players aren’t winning the big items they will at least be winning small ticket items such as Gold and Soulstones, making everyone a winner!

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About GTArcade:

GTArcade is a leading developer of online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy”, GTArcade has developed award winning products for browser and mobile platforms around the world, and is now focusing on English language markets with its latest browser game, League of Angels.