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League of Warriors is a new strategy game that follows the mainstream of the tower offense. Build a base of operations, train a league of warriors and fight resource wars against orcs and real-player competitors.

It is another game like Clash of Clans with all similar game concepts. As a general newly in office, you are counted on to lead humans to defeat the orc army and protect your island from pillage of other generals at the same time. To fulfill the mission, you take charge and give orders in several aspects – build, train, research, defend and attack. And these elements are structured in the common way that will not be strange to strategy fans.

League of Warriors

Base building and tower offense support each other and need to be managed and kept in the same pace. Various structures categorized into Resource, Defense and Warrior are built to serve their specific functions and upgraded to strengthen your power and abilities. One thing new here is the addition of the clearing work seen most in the casual adventure games. You need to clear the trees, grass, stones, etc. for more space.

In construction of island there are the established designs: the worker slot, the speed-up diamonds, the time-consuming completion of projects and so on. The attack is as familiar as the construction. It is all about selection of army units, strategic deployment of them and finding the break point of the target base.

As usual, the game offers both single-player adventure mode and multiplayer challenge. No protection for anyone, the game unlocks both modes from the very beginning. You can send your troop to defeat orcs level after level horning skills through increasing difficulty and looting resources to back the base construction and army expansion. Meanwhile, you can start quick fights with other players, doing some sabotage in their base buildings and stealing some resources. After you are involved in player conflicts, you will begin to consider your base defense and get ready for retaliation.

League of Warriors has well-drawn graphics and solid strategic battles. All it lacks is something fresh or creative that sets itself apart from its predecessors. A fun and entertaining game and an average “another tower offense” at once.

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