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Legend of Souls

Legend of Souls
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Neowiz Games
  • Developer: Neowiz Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Official Site

Legend of Souls is the newest action MMO from Korean developer Neowiz Games that made well-known titles including C9 and Seven Souls Online. Newly announced, the game is going to enter the first CBT from April 5th to 9th in South Korea.

According to the press release, it will offer up to eight character classes in the game, each of which is armed with special weapons and skills, such as knives and axes for warrior-style Martial Soul and daggers and bows for assassin-style Kill Soul. The unique is that players start out with one class but can gradually unlock a sub class at certain level. So players role-play one character that can develop alongside two skill trees.

Players unleash the power of different skills in battles to accumulate combo hits, which in turn activate the Eruption skills that are rendered with dazzling visual effects and even a shake in the game screen. The strong sense of strike in combat is one striking feature; and another more special lies in the cross-server system that bridges the gap among separated serves to allow all players merge and blend in specific instances, maps and even server wars fought by guilds in different serves.

Rated as an adult MMO, Legend of Souls features the implied elements such as merciless fight, sexy character, gambling and other adult contents. It will be firstly launched in South Korea and likely to enter the global market in the future.

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6 Comments on Legend of Souls


  1. Not a Neowiz fan says:

    Instead of updating Martial Empires and Seven Souls Online. They simply closed the game with little to no warning, and then say they have this new one. Which looks so much like Martial Empires (Seven Souls) only with the added classes that we had been asking for such a long time whey they aren't adding them to Martial Empires.

    I will not give NeoWiz another penny. They are money hungry, and don't care about their gaming community.

  2. asd says:

    No english version of this game?

  3. Dreams says:

    i think it can last if this time they work about the game when opens

  4. DonManu says:

    hope the game survives longer than martial empires and seven souls. were the best mmos of all TIMES



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