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Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero

Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Perfect World
  • Developer: Perfect World
  • Genre: Action
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Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero is an upcoming 3D Action MMORPG inspired by one martial arts fiction from Jin Yong, the most famous kungfu writer in China. The game focuses on frantic, fast-paced action and drops players into a grand world at turmoil and full of adventure.

The game provides four distinct character classes, each of which provides one specific combat style with its own skill set and strength in certain attributes. It includes most of the quintessential elements typical in an MMO such as PvE exploration, PvP confrontation, boss combat, level-up, achievement, gear collection, etc., and merges them into a complete, engaging experience with something new brought to the traditional template.

 of the Candor Heroes: Zero

The game utilizes the next-gen 3D engine ARK, which renders the high-quality graphics in the game and depicts a gorgeous universe featuring many different monsters, terrains and items. Players can explore this wonderful world, relishing the grandeur and reaching to the seemingly background-only corners there. They can fight a huge variety of monsters and bosses, destroy the environment and the Boss’s body, grasp weapons and equipment from the Boss and use them for their own benefits. There are some covert places awaiting the most observant eyes and a series of instanced dungeons that can be tinkered to meet the varying needs of different players. Players can customize an instance in many ways from the basic difficulty level to the detailed selection in monsters and settings.

Players interested in PvP will find a few different game modes to test their mettle and skills against each other. There are 1vs.1, 3vs.3, 5vs.5, arena-based competition and some larger scaled battles. To create a plane field for competitors, there will be a matchmaking system that casts players against those at similar level, plus a reasonable cash shop providing premium equipment that offers slight advantages to paid players but doesn’t tilt the balance of combat.

Action-oriented, the game will provide an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master combat system with simple interface and three different control modes. One is the classic, basic mouse & keyboard control similar in most MMO games; another is the traditional third-person perspective fighting game styled operation where targeting and assaulting is in the same direction of the angle of a scene; and still another is the most skill-based mode, in which characters launch attack in the direction of what they are facing.

Currently, Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero is under development and slated to launch its first open beta in Q3, 2013 in China. The English version has not been confirmed yet.

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