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Legends of Mor is a free online MMORPG with a fantasy setting. It features the conflict and chaos between the Goddess Mor and the fallen dark force and involves players into the struggle of the light and the shadow. Choose a side and fight for its victory.

Legends of Mor

Players in Legends of Mor can try out four different character classes each at a time. The seeker is a male warrior wielding a two-handed sword; the archer applies the force of ice to her arrows and has the chance to deal critical shot; the mage casts spells unleashing devastating force of lightning; and the necromancer maneuvers the elemental and disease magic to beat opponents and assist their allies. The character classes are traditional with according skill sets and gears and develop with quest-led level-up.

Legends of Mor has the similar setups to many other browser-based MMORPG. It has the various established concepts like quests, equipment enhancement, mounts, player-run shops, PvE and PvP fights, group play, guild and more. And all the elements are structured conventionally, being level-locked and unraveled gradually with character upgrading. It entails a mellow start with some grinding in questing before the diverse contents become activated and available.

Legends of Mor – Key Game Features:

  • Enter the world as a seeker, archer, mage or necromancer and switch between the four demigods to experience brand new skills sets, battle style and quest line
  • Explore a beautiful world rife with varied monsters, terrains, items, NPCs and so on
  • Get a mount and gain bonuses not only in travelling speed but also in basic attributes during combat
  • Unlock companion demons and combine them to your character for enhancement
  • Open and run your won shops to buy and sell items with other players
  • Pick up gears as loots and merge the less useful to make your favorite equipment stronger
  • Make friends, build a team and join a guild for the common goals, economic gains and more

Legends of Mor is now in beta version. Interested players can enter the game world freely and easily and keep all the characters and items, etc. when it’s commercially launched.

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