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Legends of Oz World is a family-friendly multiplayer online game that serves as the virtual prequel to the upcoming Legends of Oz 3D animated feature film. Return with Dorothy and help her save Oz with her friends in the adventure.

Legend of Oz World

Legends of Oz World allows players to shift between the role of their character and Toto, as they explore the fantastical land completing various quests and mission together. Players in their human characters will interact with the in-game NPCs like the Coward Lion and the good witch accepting different story quests, travel on the maps to different scenes completing missions while playing various mini-games, and get their own home they can rest and decorate. And they need to take good care of their companion Toto, feeding him, bathing him and dressing him up like a real pet.  But when it comes to sniffing around and digging, they need to switch to the other persona as the iconic terrier, digging up quest items, yellow bricks and other treasures.

Closely related to the upcoming film, this virtual world contains more than 90% of the artwork directly from the film, including China Country and the Talking Tree Forest appearing in the movie.

Legends of Oz World is a simple and beautiful RPG specifically designed for youngsters. It’s free-to-play and easily accessible on the web browser. Under a safe gaming environment, they can make friends and follow the story to have a little adventure.

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