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Lineage Eternal is a next-generation MMORPG that is developed by NCsoft and newly announced at G-Star 2011. As the third installment in the Lineage franchise, the title is backed by the similar fantasy story about heroes’ revolt against the reign of tyrant. It pits players against each other in massive wars spilled out in fast and fierce combats among large scales of fighters in each battle. It’s best-known for its innovative Hold-and-Drag setup allowing players to DIY their attacking scope and scheme, which greatly brings back to life the combat: it is players, rather than player-controlled avatars, that are fighting. Another noticeable is the highly flexible use of items, such as ropes and hooks to get players over barriers (like walls, cliffs and broken bridges), which make the combat live and lively. And the Smart View system automatically gives the best perspective in accordance with every battleground.