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Little Bit Evil HD is an addictive and strategic tower defense battle game full of action. In the game the lands of Evil are broken into by greedy invaders who covet the riches. As the ruler of the land, players will fend off enemies safeguarding their territories.

Little Bit Evil HD

Players in Little Bit Evil HD will encounter a variety of intruders from melee peasants to ranged archer and to flexible flying creatures. To push back the invading hordes players can unlock and build 60 different types of towers, each with its own attack arrange and battle style. There are the basilisks, the sorcerers, the crossbow goblins, the poison lord and more that have their special strength and weakness against certain types of enemies.

Players can also upgrade every tower to make it more powerful. Besides, they have another type of weapon, the Landmarks that they can get in various locations of the four distinct regions. With the natural or crafted objects, players can summon and unleash the supernatural power hidden inside to give enemies fatal blows in the form of storms, wind and fire, etc..

Little Bit Evil HD offers hours of fun with its deep strategy, awesome graphics and great variety of gameplay in terms of enemy and tower design as well as landscapes. It is designed for iPad only and available in 7 languages for $6.99 or the equivalent at the App Store.

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