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  • Release Date: Feb 28, 2012 (OBT)
  • Publisher: ClapAlong
  • Developer: Handseeing
  • Genre: Action MMORPG
  • Official Site

Loark, a new browser-based action RPG from ClapAlong, is a strange title that seems to be termed without any story behind it. It spells similar to lark but has no bearing with the bird at all. Strangely, though, it does offer a really colorful fantasy world and dazzling visual effects of combat skills, which on the whole make you to associate with the jovial, melodious squeak of larks.


Loark depicts a beautiful fantasy world that is brimmed with oriental style. Traveling to complete quests, you will run across various scenes that are designed with pavilions, wood bridges with willows on banks, tile or straw roofed buildings, traditional taverns with flags spreading in the front, peach trees in full blossom and so forth. As you briskly pass by, lots of details are also noticeable, such as the stringed instrument Pipa and standing drums scattered around. There are also falling petals swirling in wind and leaves on the roof top. Simply put, this eastern world is well-drafted with great graphics and desirable details.

The game starts from the standard character creation. Being new, it is unavailable of some contents. It offers three character classes and eight factions in total, with only two each available now. So you can practically select Giant or Shaman as class, and Bama or Colt for faction. Giant is melee fighters with greatest combat power and ability to absorb great damage, while Shaman is able to cast harmful spells excelling at long-ranged battles. Character archetypes are within the standard scope, but display some nice touches to be different. For instance, the shaman wields a drum to deal damage rather than the usual wane. And it’s fresh to see the purple cluster of fog stemmed from the drum to strike enemies.

Gameplay is quest-driven as most MMOs. Similarly, tweaks in detail make the quest line less grinding. You will find the ordinary types of quests from killing x amount of animals to collecting herbs or relics. But monsters roaming in the land are aggressive enough to make every task, be it to combat or collect, involving much fighting. When you are to collect herbs, for example, you must first eliminate the wandering monsters or drunkards (NPCs), then to pick up what you need, and retreat since those monsters you killed respawn quickly. Though the monsters will initiate attacks when you are approaching, you can handle them well with your powerful skills. Besides, there are some NPC helpers around to get you through as well. And it’s convenient to party or befriend with other players to explore instances.

Combat scenes usually display raucous color and design. Temporarily, you see the blood splatter, ground split to unveil monsters, character turning to green with energy dropping, dropped energy ball and money bags from the dead, and the visuals of skills in the form of flame, arch, blitz and spark, etc.. You can only explore in the wild at first, and then unlock the PvP combat to challenge players from other factions. As you level up, you can gain and equip better gears, and infuse morale into equipment to boost their power.

There are certain games that will grab you the moment you log in. And Loark possesses that kind of enchantment. It’s not hard-core, but is one of the most enjoyable action role-playing titles directly on browsers.

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