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Lords of Waterdeep is an awesome digital board game based on the award-winning Dungeons & Dragons strategic board game. Set in the iconic city of Waterdeep, this app stays true to the much-known D&D forgotten realm lore and characters and brings players into turn-based strategy play.

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Players in Lords of Waterdeep assume the role of masked lords who compete with each other for dominant control over the city of splendor. As masterminds pulling the strings, players will hire adventurers to run errands and complete tasks for them and try to outwit each other in turn-based 8-round matches. In turns, they will assign agents with different tasks to complete earning points, resources and so power. They can also purchase new buildings to expand the city so that they can access to new actions to carry out their carefully planned actions.

The intriguing cards and characters are iconic and familiar to the tabletop board game fans. Players can enjoy the game in their own pace and schedule due to the varied gaming modes. Players can jump into fray directly in real-time multiplayer competition, get a quick match anytime against AI enemies, or take part in the asynchronous Pass-and-Play multiplayer with up to five others.

Lords of Waterdeep can be downloaded now at the App Store for $6.99.

Key Features:

  • A premium strategic board game for D&D fans and all other board game lovers
  • Diverse game modes for both real-time and asynchronous online play
  • Intriguing 8-round turn-based matches with deep strategy to explore
  • Rich lore, character and cards faithful to the Forgotten Realms
  • Great graphics and retina display
  • Universal app that can be played on all devices with one-time purchase