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Lost Legacies

Lost Legacies
  • Release Date: July 2012
  • Publisher: Smeet
  • Developer: Smeet
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

Lost Legacies is a new Hidden Object game that just joined the crowed genre. It casts you into the ready role of a curious adventurer who received a letter from a friend, Professor Elaine Carter, and got a mysterious stone circle with ancient symbols on it. Thusly, to find out the myth around the artifact, you set off once again with your assistant. First spot, the lighthouse where the professor usually stays.

Lost Legacies

From the to-the-lighthouse episode, Lost Legacies starts its first chapter. The entire gameplay just follows a linear storyline, one episode ushering in one or two playable scenes. You meet a crash landing, so you enter a scene where you collect your things, i.e. finding the listed objects; and you reach the lighthouse only to find the professor missing, so you look around the messy room, i.e. finding all the listed items. In the interval, you also need to purchase certain items, such as the rope ladder, flash light or street map that play role in the narrative story, with gold (soft currency earned by playing) to enter another scene.

Lost Legacies features a unique artwork in graphics that is gentle and cartoony. Beautiful as the scene is, it is much easier to find the listed objects, which will come home to you from the very first scene. Searching for the hidden objects are conventional: 12 (except the first scene) objects are listed at the bottom of the scene; hints are available with cool down; and points are scored in the end based on speed, combo and skills to show in the five-seal measurement.

You need to earn required Seals to unlock next scenes, entailing the replay. When you play an earlier scene again, the scene doesn’t change and part of the object list does, which makes the replaying all the more easier. As in most free HOGs, the Energy setup only allows you to play in short sessions if you don’t ask friend or purchase Energy pack in shop. While it’s possible for you to purchase Energy with gold, it is only occasional after certain time’s play: you spend 15 energy points per playing and earn about 300 gold as reward; and you can buy 5 energy with 1,200 gold in the shop – you do the calculation.

Lost Legacies is easy, pretty and linear. It tells an adventure story and puts you on the trail of secret. While it’s easy to find the hidden objects, it’s difficult to travel as far as you wish with a free ticket.

Lost Legacies Screenshots:

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