Lost Saga Starts Open Beta, Launch Date Announced

TIME : 19th Apr 2013 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor

WeMade Entertainment USA today announces the Open Beta for its popular fighting MMO Lost Saga starts today, and also unveils the official re-launch date to be the 2nd of May. In the open beta update, there will be 15 new Heroes, 2 new gaming modes, 4 new maps, some exciting game events and much more awaiting players.

Lost Saga

To say thanks for Lost Saga fans, Wemade USA will give a special Kick-off package including all 15 new Heroes for 30 hours’ try, 3 permanent gear chests and 100,000 GP to all players who log in the game on or after the 19th of April. Besides, players can participate in the Roll Call event with hefty rewards for entrants.

Going forward, LOST SAGA will roll out an outstanding lineup of new and well-known characters to join the game’s pantheon—including a new class of Premium fighters that will introduce recognized characters from the fighting world.

Get more info from our Lost Saga preview, and play the game ahead of the commercial launch.