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Lost Saga is a free-to-play 3D action-packed MMO brawler with tense, diverse beat-em-up gameplay. It features more than 50 unique heroes (100+ planned) that comes from fantasy, history and science fictions; and it offers a variety of gaming modes where players can either play solo or team up with up to 15 others in competitive, engaging fights.

Lost Saga

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Key Features:

  • Heroes: choose from a wealth of initial Heroes, customize them and level up them separately to gain more skills; collect more fighters either by purchasing them at in-game shops or winning them in events; or experience a new Hero in its trial version with rank-up for a limited period;or try out a first-ever new class of Premium fighters introduced freshly with the re-launch
  • Combat: switch Heroes in-between in the midst of a battle tactically, skillfully using the different powers of each fighter and defeating opponents with unexpected moves; and pick up the dropped armor or weapons of enemy during fights to use their skills against them
  • Gaming Modes: jump into the fray in a variety of different play modes from classic (Team) Deathmatch to some other special matches like Power Stone, Boss Raid, Soccer, Prisoners, etc., each with a list of maps to choose from
  • Graphics: anime-styled fighters, great visuals for skills, and well-depicted maps with different landscapes

Lost Saga was originally published by OGPlanet in NA until the service came to an end on Feb. 25th, 2013. Then WeMade USA took over from there, hosting the game on a new website and handling the players’ account transition for a new service. The fighting game will be officially re-launched on May 2nd, 2013.