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Magic Land

Magic Land
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Wooga
  • Developer: Wooga
  • Genre: Social
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If you ever played FrontierVille or Adventure World, you immediately catch the great similarity of Magic Land to them the moment you just move around a little bit in the game. Magic Land is not an innovative game to offer something you haven’t seen in app, but turns out to be fun with old elements of farming, city-building and adventure woven together.

Dragon takes away princess and prince from King Artie. Same old story. And it’s where you are in playing as a knight to help restore the ravaged kingdom, explore through the fog to save the royals and win the kingdom. Going where the story guides you, you build more houses, place farm plots to grow crops and fruits, slay trolls for items and clues, collect gold and items from built structures, clear grass, trees and rocks for materials and usable land, and explore and clear foggy areas in search of the dragon and defeat it. The quest script doesn’t contain any new activities, but it moves on naturally threading tasks one after another. Also it offers a little romance to issue some quests in the name of wooing the princess’s heart or anything likewise.

Magic Land doesn’t conjure up original elements, but as long as the gameplay is fun it’s no big deal. After all, it provides a new option for players to have fun. Probably, the fact that you can’t delve into the game as long and far as you wish turns out to be more annoying. Like most social games on Facebook, Energy limits your free play time. At starting levels, you can make do, since leveling up to next stage can just refill your energy bar in time to allow you move on. But the lack of free energy impedes your continuous play soon. Then you have to wait for its recharging or pay for real money or asking for friends’ help. To speak of friends’ help, it would be another problem for those without friends in this game. Get ready to be taxed heavily if without pals, even from the low levels.

Graphics are 2D but colorful and bright, so it’s quite fit the fairy-tale styled gameplay. buildings constructed are designed with little animation, but creatures in it, from characters to trolls, move lively and lovely to light up the whole world. Due to the animated movement, doing quests are never lack of fun, though most of them only involving simple click. And the exploration to the fog-enveloped areas always serves as spring of curiosity, intriguing you to move on and to discover.

Magic Land takes in various elements and weaves them into an interesting gameplay. It’s appealing to casual players, especially those big fans of Facebook sim genres. Even for those who already delve deep in previous games with similar concepts, it’s still a good candidate to be reserved in the wait-to-play list.

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