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Magical Ride

Magical Ride
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Pretty Simple
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Official Site

Welcome to the enchanted forest. As a budding witch, you need to horn your skill of flying on your broomstick before you can learn anything else. And the forest is your testing ground where you need to fly forward as far as you can while dodging various obstacles.

Magical Ride

Magical Ride is easy to learn. You just need to hold down your left button to fly up and leave hold of it to fall down. If you are a newbie runner, however, you can see you many ways of death as you clumsily falling down your broomstick. Run head to an electric zapper, crash to a firing pumpkin, or collide with any other spooky objects – evade the obstacles or you die.

You will receive a series of different missions to complete as you try to run out of the forest. You may be asked to have 5 near misses with zappers or fireballs, fly 500 meter without touching the bottom, destroy one score board, or even die from a zapper. When you complete missions, you will fill up magic potions, which in turn reward you with XP.

Besides the obstacles, there are also coins and transformation prisms hanging somewhere in the forest. You can collect coins and use them to buy boost (after Lv. 5), and grab the transformation prism which allows you to turning into a unicorn jumping over the obstacles. In the form of unicorn, you won’t die but shift back to your witch image when you run into any obstacle. As to the purchased power-ups, there are Magic Start boost that allows you to dash through the first 600m without evading any obstacles, Magic Blast (available since Lv.9) that eliminates some death traps, and Resurrection which gives you one more chance without spending Diamonds.

When you die in a run, you can choose to simply die or resurrect from the failing spot continuing the run by spending 7 Diamonds, the hard currency. Diamonds are used to buy Life too. You have 5 lives to start out with, and you cost 1 life to play each game. So lives deplete quickly. And they recharge slowly at the rate of 10 minutes per life. Predictably, it’s a game you play at short bursts.

Magical Ride is simple and stimulating. It doesn’t have anything new to surprise the runner fans, but it is still immersive and interesting to be a flying witch.

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