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March of War, previously code-named Game X, is a new 3D turn-based strategic MMO for cross-platforms including PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It is set in a unique 1940s diesel-punk era where six major coalitions battle for world domination.

In March of War players can pick up any of the six factions and take advantages of the chosen front’s special units, abilities and technologies for upper hand in the battlefield. As a leader of the faction, players will develop troops and technologies, build thermonuclear weapons, negotiate peace with allies, and finally lead your soldiers and war machines to supremacy. With a wealth of units and machines to unlock and manage, allies to rally with, players will experience a unique tactical depth.

March of War Early Screenshot

The game will feature a rich variety of game modes, including PvE, PvP and co-op campaign, to cater to players’ different play style and tempo. Meanwhile, the in-game designs in the surface, from the handcrafted units to stunning 3D effects, from the animated unit movement to audio-visual bombast, will deepen the sense of immersion. And it offers seamless gameplay across the aforementioned platforms.

Key Features

  • Vividly rendered and animated 3D battles in a dieselpunk influenced 1940s world
  • Six unique factions, each with their own agenda and distinct strategies
  • Players create history – ultimately everything comes down to player choices
  • Epic turn-based battles with a tough, adaptive AI
  • Battle with or against friends in fierce PvP and co-op game modes
  • Enjoy a large-scale social gaming experience, or just pick your own fights
  • Fight with others seamlessly across multiple devices: PC / Mac / iOS / Android

March of War will be launched in Q2 2013.

March of War Screenshots: