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Mars Frontier is a sci-fi styled strategy game that newly comes to Facebook. The game takes place on Mars in a near future when humans finally arrive at this planet after 300 years’ robotic exploration. Men are determined to conquer, but only possibly to do so with hard fights. The computer-controlled droids will fight back, with rivalry between different leaders only fiercer.

Mars Frontier

You are one of the commanders who come to survive and rule the planet. You are faced with your first test and challenge by wild robots. Guide your few droids and turn enemies into metal pieces in your small outposts. Strengthen your defense to defeat another waves of invading robots, and then quickly give the invader a counterattack destroying their base before they recover.

With your first victory in the war, you can get a break and start building your base. This part of gameplay is not strange to strategy fans at all with its established features like resource management, construction of new facilities and research. Only that all is wrapped under a sci-fi and robotic theme. You will spend a lot of time in your base, producing water and iron, building and upgrading facilities, and unlocking and manufacturing various droids.

There are three general types of troops in the game listed as Production, Transports and Gunship, each in turn consists of a few differentiated droids. All units in the game are able to fight in the battlefield, serving for specific purposes. Take your first several troops for example. Muscle Boxes (and other transports units) can absorb great damage and can be repaired even after they are destroyed, while Heavy Miners are versatile, specifically good at hitting flying targets like Recon Probes, an aerial unit that can evade cannons. And the diversity of troops offers deep strategies for all leaders to learn and master. It’s not so difficult as it sounds, as you will get the strong-vs.-weak information every time you unlock a new unit or when you fail from a battle.

To attack an enemy’s base is a good way to practice your deployment and to loot resources. From easy to difficult, you can take on Computer-controlled enemies first, attacking their bases and getting familiar with the various units, and then try to confront real players when you are strong enough. The AI rivals usually won’t counterattack, but real players will certainly do. So you’d better fortify your outpost before you make enemies; otherwise, you will suffer with your damaged base. Surely, you can invite friends to be your allies, too.

Mars Frontier has passable artwork, simple control and in-depth tactics. Currently, it’s in beta, but already playable. It’s not a really fresh experience. But the diversified robots and great possibilities of strategy make a satisfactory gameplay.

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