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Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a new Facebook game based on the Marvel Universe from Playdom. It integrates action, strategy, role-playing and social elements and fuses them all into marvelous gameplay. Act as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., complete missions to rescue and recruit lots of superheroes, lead your super-powerful team to foil any evil schemes of villains. Agents, ready to save NY from destruction?

As a new agent in S.H.I.E.L.D., a peace-keeping organization based in a flying aircraft carrier, you are fresh out of training and immediately assigned the mission to handle an emergency with Iron Man down in the city. Then continue to recruit heroes to build stronger team, first Black Widow and then Captain America, by helping out in their investigation into a mysterious substance that may cause the misuse of super-strength. Led by the story, you quickly get the first small team that can gradually expand with more heroes in.

Combat makes the bulk of gameplay. Every battle is turn-based and team-based. You will have three members (including your own character) in your party, and every avatar in the field takes turns to attack. Basic mechanics is nothing unusual, simply involving the common setups of stamina consumption, defensive and offensive skills, item uses and the like. If that is all about the combat, the simple involvement of superheroes and great artworks don’t suffice to make the combat interesting. There is strategy.

Strategy setups here can be summed up as knowing your enemy and knowing yourself. If you want to win a battle beautifully, you need to consider the conditions and character types. The battle can be greatly affected by different conditions. For example, some enemies who enter the fight under the condition of Flammable with fuel tanks on the backs can be turned into the condition of Burning if lit by weapons like repulsor rays. So you can finish a fight efficiently by taking advantage of the condition and tackling it with corresponding tactics. To speak of the character types, there are five different classes that match against one other in a rock-paper-scissors style. Moreover, to take on the right class also offers special perks, such as an immediate extra turn to attack or counter-attack. You can try different hero combinations to come up with the best strategy. There is depth to explore in strategy and there are hefty rewards for those who put mind on it.

Besides combat, you can find some other pleasant distractions to engage. Do some research on weapons and equipment, customize your character with different outfits, dispatch heroes in solo mission for xp and money, and try the PvP mode to take on bot-controlled opponent team. As you progress, you can recruit more heroes to the team. There is really a constellation of superheroes that you can pick up, but most of them are difficult to get by simply playing and need to be bought for Command Points, in-game premium currency. So money gets you a strong team. But whether you can make the most out of it is up to you.

If you are a super superhero fan who also loves a good game, you surely will find a lot to love Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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