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Max Rush

By Evodant Interactive & Dark Spark Studios

Max Rush
  • Release Date: July 12 th, 2013
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Max Rush is a new and frantic action puzzle game designed by the same developers of Winnipeg for mobile market. The game is a unique blend of match-3 mechanics with down-scrolling arcade-style action, providing an insanely fast-paced and mid-core challenge for players.

Max Rush starts with a simple knight story that tells a hero named Max Rush throws sharp pointy weapons to fight back endless waves of undead horde single-handedly in the medieval style. You will help this lone knight to hold the line with your quick response and strategic thinking.

Max Rush

In Max Rushi, you will control the knight to fling a variety of weapons, strategically shape the battlefield, create massive color combos to fill the chalice, and pass a level when the Cup is filled to the full. You will encounter many different enemies that have their own spawning rules and special abilities so that they must be handled with specific strategies. Simple to learn as it is, the game has its learning curves with its progressive difficulty and increasing speed of game pace. As you progress through levels, it requires more strategic thinking and combo skills. But it also offers array of Power-ups from tools to magic that can help solve the difficult puzzle and turn the tide.

Max Rush is now available to download at the App Store for $0.99. Do you have the chivalrous spirits of one-against-all to hold the line?

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