Maya the Bee: Flower Party

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Maya the Bee: Flower Party is a children-friendly edutainment app designed especially for 3 to 6 ages. The game is the first official game starring the free spirited bee and her best friends and a fun and stylish tie-in with Studio 100’s successful 3D TV series.

Maya the Bee: Flower Party

Maya the Bee: Flower Party invites all to join and help prepare Maya the Bee’s birthday party. As you play with the cheeky bee and her friends, you will play six different mini-games with age-appropriate contents. Make music, help serve the food correctly, play hide-and-seek, read other’s thoughts, draw special decorations for the party and interact with Maya, her friends and many of the objects in a friendly and loving style. While playing for fun, the kids can enter different educational fields including numbers, musical sense, memory, drawing interests and skillfulness from the different mini-games. Bit by bit, children complete the various tasks to unlock new elements and gradually make a great birthday party with their creations.

Maya the Bee: Flower Party is a wonderful edutainment app for kids with safe playing environment and age-appropriate educational knowledge well-designed in playing fun. It is fully localized into 10 languages and available worldwide for download for $2.99 at both App Store and Google Play.

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Key Features:

  • A safe, educational and fun game for kids aged 3 to 6
  • Play with May the free-spirited bee and her friends and help prepare her birthday party
  • Play six awesome mini-games: make music with Maya, Flip and Ben, play hide-and-seek with Lara, find the matching pairs in Ben’s game of memory, draw party decorations, help serve the food, and read Flip’s minds
  • Have fun in playing while learn numbers & music and practice skillfulness and memory
  • Lovely characters, friendly interaction, lively animation and playful sounds