MAZE: The Treasure Hunters



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MAZE: The Treasure Hunters, originally coded as M, is a new MMOFPS that is created by Korea-based Dream Execution and will be published by Changyou in China (perhaps in 2013). With the official title change come the debut gameplay video, screenshots to showcase combat and brief character settings. The game is just hybrid with the mixed elements of role-playing, action, adventure and first-person shooter.

MAZE: The Treasure Hunters

MAZE takes on a Tomb Raider styled story that sees opposing organizations, Relic Chasers and The Treasure Hunters, battle against each other for powerful ancient relics. And players act as hired mercenaries who travel in search of relics worldwide. It features the classic role-playing elements which allow players to select among different classes, upgrade and develop alongside the skill trees. While it’s similar to almost all MMOs in terms of role-playing, it features a unique First-person perspective when players fight monsters and other enemies. Put is simply, players will stay with the usual third-person camera in towns to interact with NPCs, but will shift to the first-person view when entering a combat scene against bosses or other players. Besides enemies to take on, maps are designed with a lot of traps for players to handle. Respond flexibly and show off prowess in actions.

MAZE is still in development in both Korean and Chinese versions. Predictably, it will be released in 2013 in both countries. As to the English/global version, it’s a myth now.

Update: Thailand publisher Goldensoft Interactive has gained the publishing rights of MAZE: The Treasure Hunters from the Korean developer on May, 2013.