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Mech Battle Arena is an exciting free-to-play Mech battle game designed for iPhone and iPad. Set in a sci-fi background, the game delivers a fast and fun shooting and combating experience with its great graphics and diverse gaming modes.

Mech Battle Arena starts with a tutorial that explains the basic controls. Control the virtual joystick to move your mech, swipe the screen to shift the camera, and tap to fire, swap weapons and activate special abilities. The operation is simple and intuitive but still it takes some time to become skillful in targeting and flexible movement. The tutorial only covers the control part, leaving the rest for you to explore and discover by yourself. Due to the concise design of the main interface and store, it won’t be a problem to learn the weapons, upgrades, tech trees and mech customization.

Mech Battle Arena

After tutorial several options are available. You can horn your skills in the endless survival challenge in the Practice mode, start to conquer a series of solo missions based on a storyline, or directly head into the heated multiplayer challenge fighting to the be the last standing in Free-for-All or cooperating with friends in the Team Deathmatch. Wheather it is to fight rival mechs behind the enemy to complete various objectives or to defeat other players-controlled war machines across the five distinct maps, you can dive in and enjoy a quick battle.

In Mech Battle Arena you can choose Mechs out of 15 unique types (with more planned) and purchase your favorites in the store with credits earned in battle. Each mech has its own speciality and resistance in five types of damage: Physical, Fire, Chemical, Radiation and Explosive and each has special abilities and battle style based on the different design. Among all, you will find Mechs that can regenerate its Hull during the heat of battle with backup systems, unleash a computer virus that temporarily silences all opponent abilities, conduct a shield overlord to become invulnerable temporarily, create an area-of-effect weapon jammer to disable opponents from changing weapons, or possess other special abilities that give their certain advantages against other types. In the beginning you can try out three basic Mechs for trial and also can experience with a new mech every week to find your favorite and fully enjoy the battle in a different manner.

The many in-game Upgrades allows you to modify your mechs in the hull, shield, thruster and walk speed, ability cool-down and the resistance & speciality in the five damage types. Moreover, you can get a dozen or so weapons in the store and equip them to facilitate your battle performance. There are weapons with different attack range and armaments effective in varying circumstances. Activate flamethrower to blast away nearby mechs, trap multiple mechs with corrosive gas, eat through the shields with radiation damage with Ion Cannon, and throw out grenades that explode after a few bounces. You can choose weapons that further reinforce your mech’s strength or complement its weakness. While you may want to get the many cool stuff in the store, it takes long before you can win enough Credits to purchase them. Credits can be won in battles but are rewarded in small amount. If you want, you can always purchase the credit bundle in the store for real cash.

Mech Battle Arena is enjoyable and immersive. It offers multiple modes to cater to the different needs of players and provides strategic real-time combat with a bundle of unique mechs and diverse weapons and upgrades. The sci-fi artwork and destructible environments deepens immersion. The overall gameplay is engaging and most suitable for mid-core players. But it would be great if it can be more generous in the credit reward.

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