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Merc Elite is a brand-new Unity-based tactical military MOBA set in a modern backdrop. The game uniquely blends the cover-based tactics to the classic MOBA genre, and brings an exciting co-op gaming experience with a heavy dose of realism.

Merc Elite

Merc Elite takes place in near future when the scarce natural resources are triggering the warfare among conglomerates in control. To gain the limited resources and to keep hands clean, these conglomerates hired mercenary bands, professional and deadly killers. And intense battles break out among the best mercenaries who are known as the Elite.

Players in Merc Elite can choose from five character classes that can make up a perfect team. The Heavy Gunner uses massive weapons to attack enemies in a distance while providing the teammates with a barrage of cover fire; the Assault use a variety of high-powered weapons to deal heavy damage; the Recon relies on stealth and intelligence to inflict fatal blow in close position; the Tank utilizes its armor to push forward in melee combat and protect teammates with its shields; and the Commander coordinates the action of the whole team while reinforcing with its special abilities like calling in airstrikes and tracking enemy movements. Both character and weapons can be upgraded by battles and richly customized.

Merc Elite focuses on the fast-paced, fierce PvP where up to five players team up to battle against enemy groups. Domination is the main game mode, pitting two teams to battle for control of the majority of flags. A unique feature in battle is its direct fire shooting with visual precise line as well as directional cover.

Merc Elite is browser-based and free-to-play. Preregister for battle is live in the official site.

Key Features:

  • First MOBA game in a realistic, near-future setting for the genre
  • 5 versus 5 team battles for domination
  • Direct fire shooting, precise line of sight and directional cover
  • Top-down perspective
  • Customizable and upgradable characters and weapons
  • 5 classes: Recon, Assault, Commander, Heavy Gunner, Tank
  • Over 120 skills to unlock
  • The stronger the opponent, the more experience and currency to earn