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While fans of Merlin are expecting for the Season Five on BBC One this summer, those who are also social gamers can be more excited by the official launch of Merline: The Game on Facebook, which will coincide with the TV series’ Season Five premiere. To have an opportunity to create and shape your own destiny as a sorcerer? Why not?

Merlin The Game

Merlin: The Game, inspired by the namesake BBC show, is worked on by Bossa Studios that created the award-winning Monstermind. And this upcoming title will bewitch players with an immersive story adapted from the TV series and real-time co-operative gameplay.

In Merline: The Game, players will enter the same universe depicted in the show and have a chance to fight together with the legendary characters there. Instead of role-playing the famous Merlin or Arthur, players will act warrior or magician of their own, who “explore magical lands while adventuring alongside trusty allies in the Crystal Cave or knocking out ferocious Wilddeoren rats”, and gradually grow strong enough to join force with their favorite heroes.

This RPG features highly customizable characters that allow players to be unique beings in the game. Not only can players select among tons of costumes, they also have great degree of freedom to shape their avatars’ archetype. A hack-and-slash melee knight, a fire-ball castor magician, or a close-quarters champion with ranged power – your avatar, your style.

Facebook games are self-evidently targeted at casual gamers. Despite on the social platform, developers of Merlin: The Game are ambitious to reach out for hardcore players as well by promising them “a lot of stuff to do here”.

Merlin: The Game is slated to enter Closed Beta Test at Comic-Con International from July 12th to 15th of this year. Merlin and game fans can sign-up now for a chance in the test. As to its official launch, it goes synchronous with the start of the fifth season of the show.

Waiting for a summer full of magic!