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Metro Defender is an upcoming action-packed hybrid game for the iOS devices. The game is officially described as “a high octane combination of low altitude aerial combat and high speed pursuit set against a futuristic urban background”.

Metro Defender

Metro Defender takes places in a distant future when the Earth is on the brink of destruction in the face of alien’s full invasion. No surrender without a good fight, mankind mass manufactured AI drones and prepared to send them to battlefields holding the last line.

Players in the game will control the highly intelligent drones to fight intense battles “in low altitude and high speed games of cat and mouse”. More than just a shooting & simulation full of action and skills, the game will be an immersive blend of “numerous game play mechanics” in a unique way. Fast-paced 3D actions, tricky obstacles and traps,  a variety of enemies and a range of weapons & upgrades will all be included.

Metro Defender is under development at the indie SilverShoe Games currently. It has a scheduled release at the App Store in March 2014.

Metro Defender is now crowd-funding via kickstarter at: