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The Latest MMO List From MMOHUNTER.COM

  • Supernova Review

    Supernova Review

    Supernova is a strategic MOBA game set in a science fiction universe. It combines the most enjoyable parts from strategy games and MOBAs. Supernova is partly a MOBA — because players can control and level up Commanders during a game and can choose different kinds of upgrades for them — and it … Continue reading »

  • Planet Calypso Review

    Planet Calypso Review

    Planet Calypso is a free 3D Sci-Fi sandbox MMORPG with a real economy and social features, developed by Mindark. Player assumes the role of a human colonist on a distant alien planet. Explore an open ended virtual world that’s over 1,500 square kilometers in size, developing more than two-hundred unique … Continue reading »

  • Sketch Tales

    Sketch Tales

    Sketch Tales is an Action/RPG Sandbox game where your drawings come to life. The game is set in a black-and-white world where all the colors had been stolen by a supervillain warlock. The player is to find the colors and give them back to the locals. But while on his … Continue reading »

  • Karos Returns Review

    Karos Returns Review

    Karos Returns is a top tier MMORPG that bases itself off of traditional concepts of the genre to provide players with a refined experience that also stays true to the roots of the genre. There are a lot of things that make the game great for instance a high quality … Continue reading »

  • Battleline: Steel Warfare

    Battleline: Steel Warfare

    Battleline: Steel Warfare is the newest up and coming free-to-play game from Bandai Namco Games America. Real time strategy meets nation-conquering meets tank shooter in Battleline, If you love sighting and delivering sabot rounds downrange onto enemy armor as well as invading foreign territory with your tank guild then Battleline … Continue reading »

  • Visions of Zosimos

    Visions of Zosimos

    For players who are into strategic card battle mixed with RPG elements, developer Forever Interactive has a good game for you, Visions of Zosimos. Set in a world of alchemy and mystery, Visions of Zosimos lets players play shrewd decks while battling on a 3D hex-based game board. In the … Continue reading »

  • Trove


    Trove is a free-to-play MMORPG mixed with sandbox elements. Set in a world made of squares, you can explore around questing and battling monsters or switch to the build mode to craft desirable items and help shape the world. Build and adventure are the two pillars of Trove. You start … Continue reading »

  • ArchLord II

    ArchLord II

    ArchLord II is a medieval action-packed MMORPG featured with differently sized PvP battles, deep weapon crafting system and great sound effects by veteran composer Cris Velasco. Set in a world torn apart by the endless war between Humans and Orcs, you will join one faction and fight your rivals to … Continue reading »

  • Royal Quest

    Royal Quest

    Royal Quest is a client-based fantasy MMORPG featured with a fun elemental combat system and a special PvPvE mode on top of a solid and fully-fledged gameplay. The story premise sees the invasion of Black Alchemists into the world of Aura coveting for its rare and powerful Elenium mineral. To … Continue reading »

  • Dogs of War Online Overview

    Dogs of War Online Overview

    Dogs of War Online is a free-to-play strategy MMO with turn-based tactical combat for PC. Inspired by the namesake board game by Rackham, Dogs of War Online features hexagon-based battlefields, a variety of mercenary units and multiple game modes wrapped into a strategic and satisfactory experience. War ravages the world … Continue reading »


Recommended Games

  • Continent of the Ninth Seal

    Continent of the Ninth Seal

    Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9), developed by Webzen, is touted as the unrivaled Action-MMORPG, sporting great-looking visuals and a fast-paced, visceral combat system.

  • Grand Chase

    Grand Chase

    Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling MMORPG fantasy epic!

  • Astro Lords

    Astro Lords

    Astro Lords is a free-to-play 3D multiplayer space-strategy game, with combat management in real time.

  • Champions Online

    Champions Online

    Play Champions Online: Free for All, a high-action, totally customizable, free-to-play superhero MMORPG.

  • Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes, an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG that presents “core gameplay elements of Diablo” in a specific marvel universe.