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Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online
  • Release Date: June, 2013 (alpha)
  • Publisher: Tencent Games
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Action
  • Official Site

Monster Hunter Online is a new free-to-play action MMO developed under the collaboration of Tencent Games and Capcom, the first ever CryEngine 3-based MMO version in the popular Monster Hunter franchise. The game implements the various classic elements of the franchise and meanwhile adds many new features to take the great experience to the next level.

The new MMO takes place in the familiar hunt-or-be-hunted era and centers on the exciting hunters vs. monsters action. In the ecological, ancient universe, players as hunters will take on various giant monsters for survival. By capturing and slaying monsters, they can gain meat to feed the starving stomach, earn money when complete the bounty-like missions, and win rare materials and drops from many enemies that can be crafted into more powerful weapons and equipment against ever stronger prayers. Monsters, the other inhabitants of the land, will fight for their own rights of living ferociously. Unlike the usual mechanic units in many online games, monsters here are living creatures that will starve, become agitated and fight for their life badly with their piercing claws, hot breathing and everything useful from the gigantic body.

Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online will contain the IP’s trademark blend of “vast environment, awe-inspiring fantasy creatures and in-depth customization options”. And it will make the experience even greater with its new contents and advanced engine.

The MMORPG utilizes Crytek’s CryEngine 3 that will create a top-notch gaming environment with better real-time light effect and dynamic weather. Delicate, detailed, realistic graphics will make a living world. The seasonal change of Nature will be more than pure backdrop but exerts great influences on monsters living there. With the environmental change, the ability of monsters will change as well. So will the hunting experience for players in the same scene. Moreover, the realistic experience is pushed further in the new title, as the effect of a hard battle on both hunters and monsters will make appearance this time. With heavy blows on the body, scars show; withstanding hack and slash, the tough horn breaks up. As to brand new content, new monsters will be added to the existing collection while new abilities will be picked up by some of the old favorite monsters of the series; against the ever stronger opponents, a new design in weapon system will allow players to unleash the ultimate power of their weapons, which if used properly with good timing can even turn the tide of war. In addition, arsenal will expand, too.

Monster Hunter Online is scheduled to enter alpha testing in June of 2013 in China. It’s unknown whether it will published in the western market yet.

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