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Monster Legends

Monster Legends
  • Release Date: Aug. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Social Point
  • Genre: Adventure & RPG
  • Official Site

Monster Legends is a new adorable pet-raising-themed game just released on Facebook. A special blend of pet-breeding, strategic battle and role-playing, the game merges them all into a light-heartedly adventurous experience full of cutesy and animation.

Monster Legends doesn’t have a real back story. It opens up directly as you come to the land to be a monster master. Following the guide of an old master Rudolf, you will learn all basics from building homes for monsters to breeding to combat before you can manage all by yourself.

Monster Legends

Construction of a home and fights in the adventurous map are the two pillars of the gameplay. To build a variety of structures is the first step. You need to construct habitats for the nine different types of monsters, build the breading mountain and hatchery for their self-explanatory purposes, and place the auxiliary farms, worker’s huts and temples that help take care of your monsters. And there are also market to build so as to trade goods with others, decorations to beautify the island, new island to expand your home and many more miscellaneous items you can buy in the shop.

You have two monsters to start off with. Breed them to get a new egg, hatch it and then get a brand new species. You need to feed your newborns to make them grow into adulthood (at and above Lv. 4) and continue to grow stronger. When they are grown-ups, you can further breed them and take them into the adventurous trip for a good fight.

The adventurous map contains 100 levels of adventure (for now). You need to fight your way forward by engaging in turn-based battles against a wide variety of enemy monsters. You can take three monsters into a battle. Select the right types of fighters wisely to take on the different enemies. Each monster has weakness against certain attack type – Fire is strong vs. Nature; Nature is strong vs. Magic; and Magic strong vs. Light. You can use it to your advantage to win a battle.

The paper-rock-scissors pattern helps the dispatch of fighting monsters. When the battle starts, each monster takes their turn to attack or recharge. To use skills to assault enemies consumes energy and when the energy runs too low to support a skill, you will have no choice but to skip attack and to recharge one time. Moreover, in each turn there has a chance to see a unique Special Skill appear for each monster, which may help turn the tide of war if used strategically.

A fairly conventional game it is. Breed monsters, take care of and upgrade them, and take them into battles. The old familiar elements continue to play their role and nothing new appears. While the graphics and animation is rendered really great and super cute, what’s lay in the core is the old same. Set innovation aside, adorable monsters and great tactical battles make it a nice choice in leisure.

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