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Mouse Town is a new free-to-play casual adventure game designed for iOS devices. As suggested by the title, the game is about construction of a mouse town while leading brave little mice to drive the bully lizards out of the forests.

Mouse Town is a load of fun with its hybrid gameplay mixing town-builder and real-time combat for adventure. To start the journey, you are first in a small patch of land surrounded by fog-enveloped forests, which is like the center of the world. A little mouse will meet you up there, requesting for your help to build their little town and take back the forest from the bad creatures like lizards and toads.

Mouse Town

All starts with the construction of a house for a four-member family. Build mice a home and they will become your laborers. There is not the usual Energy limit, but with the restriction of available mice. From building shops and factories to repairing newly uncovered houses/ruins, you need different numbers of mice to complete the mission. And they are one-time-use laborers, so that means you need to expand your population constantly. To do that, you can either continue building more houses or adding decorations like flower beds and tables.

Construction of any facilities costs coins and sometimes other requisites like laborers, cheeses or raw materials (wood, stone, tin, etc.). Where do you get coins? You can harvest them from the various Shops and Factories once you built them in your land. Also, you can earn money by completing quests and winning in battlefields.

As mentioned above, you start with a small patch, with the rest covered in fogs. You can explore the level-locked areas when you are ready. Exploration is a matter of time, while conquer is the one involving battles. Every time you opened a area by exploration, you can access to it only when you defeat the guardian monsters. You can take your mouse soldiers – the more area you unlock, the more fighters you get – into battles, in which you move them around constantly, confronting waves of enemies. If you don’t interfere in battles your soldiers will auto run to enemies and attack anyone within range.

As your army expands, so is the power of enemies. You will need to fight more than one battle to clear an area, and you will take on more challenging opponents, too. You can purchase better equipment to arm them, but still the chance that your fighters die in the midst of a battle increases. Enemy attacks drain the health of your soldiers. If the health hits zero, your soldier dies. You can always bring it back with one Recovery potion, purchased by premium Diamond, but you can make better use of the portion when one soldier is dying – one portion can recharge all live soldiers to full health but can only revive one dead mouse. And there is a cool-down timer for every fighter after a battle.

Mouse Town monetizes via the premium currency, Diamond. Diamond is purchased with real money, and can also be earned by level-up in small amount (well, better than none). Mice’s best friend, diamonds can purchase a lot of good stuff and provide various advantages. Besides purchasing battle-use potions, you can spend them on fancy structures with more laborers, or use them to instantly finish a time-consuming mission, or throw them down to fill the blank of required materials. The developer is generous in offering 25 free diamonds in the beginning as well as small inputs by playing. And the game balance is not ruined by this premium currency.

To summarize, Mouse Town is a beautiful and solid adventure RPG. It doesn’t create something we’ve never seen in the casual game markets, but it offers an enjoyable experience by mixing our favorite pieces and parts together.

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