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Move the Muzzy! is a new fun match-3 puzzler released for iOS and Android. Easy-to-learn and difficult-to-master, the game tasks players with the mission of matching Muzzies, funny eliens from outer space, to send them back to their galaxy.

Move the Muzzy! is in the same vein with most of the match-3 titles. Players need to match three or more same-colored Muzzies to eliminate them until all of them are out from the board. Better matches, either long or variably shaped, can activate special effects that help score high.

Move the Muzzy

There are two gaming modes in the game known as Arcade and Puzzle. Arcade mode requires players to clear the whole board without limitation in moves, which caters to the play style of the novice or casual players; while the Puzzle mode poses more challenge with the numbered moves for every level. Both modes increases in complexity as players proceed through levels. And there are hints that can be purchased to help pass a level and score high.

Move the Muzzy! has cartoony graphics and original background music. With its solid match-3 play as well as good presentation, the game is entertaining. Its trail version is free while the full gameplay is available for $0.99.