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MoviePop is a new casual social game created by the same developers of the music trivia SongPop for multiple platforms including web browser via, iOS and Android. With the film scrolls and popcorn, the game is giving you some casual fun like those pleasant moments when you watch good films.

The core game mechanic of MoviePop is similar to its music siblings. To start a game, you choose a genre from a playlist first, watch five movie clips one by one and then pick the matching movie names respectively. You can challenge Facebook friends or get matched automatically with random players. And you can play the game synchronously with others online or asynchronously in your own pace. The only difference here is that you can see your opponent’s choice if he/she answers faster than you when you play synchronously.


The game implements the star-rating system. When you make a combo of 3 or more correct answers, you earn stars. And every time you get a star in a playlist, you unlock more clips. If you beat your opponent, you will also earn coins. You have many different genres to pick – teen romance, 80’s comedies, 2013 Movies, Spy, Action & Adventure, Dance, Sci-fi, just name a few. While you have several playlist to start out with in the beginning, you can purchase more with coins you earned. And if you don’t like the choices in the auto generated playlist, you can shuffle it with Popcorn.

How can movies go alone without Popcorn? Popcorn is equivalent to the premium currency. You can use it to shuffle the playlist for your favorite genre or eliminate two wrong answers during your challenge. The game gives you a small amount of it. If you use it up, you have to purchase with real cash then. Besides, due to the slowness of earning coins, you can always buy them, too, with real money. That’s how the game mainly monetizes.

MoviePop is a fun casual game for both movie fans and social gamers. The competition is not really challenging but focuses more on the interaction between people loving the same thing. It is not a bad choice to fill in several minutes recalling some classic or favorite movie scenes.