MU ONLINE Gives Back During December Holiday Events

TIME : 04th Dec 2013 WedAUTHOR : Eleanor

December arrives heralding the upcoming holiday and festival. MU Online is throwing various activites to give back. Players can dive in MU Online this month and get extra life, Exp boost and special Christmas gift and more in the following events.


DATES: December 6 – 27, 2013 (Global Server Time)


DETAILS: It’s the season for giving! This month, MU ONLINE is teaming up with Extra Life, an extraordinary program run through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals working to heal kids through the power of video games. From December 6 – 27, players are encouraged to help save young lives by playing MU and asking their loved ones for support. After joining Team MU ONLINE on, players will pledge to play MU for 25 hours and ask their friends and family to support their gaming marathon by donating online. All proceeds will benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which provides care for millions of kids who are suffering from life-threatening diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis. To encourage gamers to join this event, MU is offering players special in-game incentives for reaching certain fundraising levels (See below). Plus, the Team MU ONLINE player who raises the most money for Extra Life will win the Grand Prize, a coveted New Pentagram with a 4-Slot Element of Choice. (*While playing MU ONLINE, participants are encouraged to take breaks throughout the day or spread the 25 hours across several days). Visit Team MU ONLINE’s fundraising page:


Raise $100 – Receive 50 Jewels of Soul

Raise $250 – Receive Golden Fenrir and 50 Jewels of Soul

Raise $500 – Receive Ring 6 Option, Golden Fenrir and 50 Jewels of Soul

Raise $1,000 – Receive a rare Evil’s Cursed Wing (+15 / Luck / Two Options), Ring 6 Option, Golden Fenrir and 50 Jewels of Soul.


DATES: December 18 – January 1, 2014

DETAILS: Giving spreads good cheer and MU ONLINE wants to reward players for being generous during the holidays. From December 18 – January 1, 2014, all users who send another player an in-game gift purchased with WCoins(P) will be automatically entered into a special winter raffle. Each gift that a player sends will count as one entry, which means the more gamers give, the more likely they are to win! At the end of the event period, the MU Team will randomly select winners to receive in-game rewards (See below). As an added bonus, MU is also offering FREE Moss Excellent Items (+9 Upgrade, with 6 Excellent Options) to any player who spends 30,000 WCoins(P) during the event period. So whether MUtizens decide to treat themselves or buy in-game gifts for their friends, they’ll be able to enjoy the rewards all holiday season long.

Winter Raffle Rewards

1st Place: EXP Package (30 Days)

2nd Place: EXP Package (15 Days)

3rd Place: EXP Package (7 Days)

10 Random Winners: EXP Package (3 Days)

  •  200% Holiday EXP Boost

DATES: December 18 – January 1, 2014

DETAILS: The holidays are all about “giving,” but that doesn’t mean MU players won’t receive anything in return! As a way of thanking players for their support, MU ONLINE is hosting a very merry Holiday EXP Boost. Starting December 18 after Regular Scheduled Maintenance, a 200% EXP will be applied to all four servers. Citizens of MU will be able enjoy this festive EXP boost through January 1, 2014.

  • Santa’s Village Event

DATES: December 18 – January 1, 2014

DETAILS: The giving doesn’t stop there! In addition to the 200% EXP Boost, all players will receive another special Christmas gift from MU ONLINE – tickets to the magical place that jolly old Saint Nick calls home. Starting December 18, all citizens of MU will receive five tickets to visit Santa’s Village. Upon entering this winter wonderland, players can visit Santa to receive a free random reward (which may include a Snowman Transformation Ring, Pet Rudolph, Jewel of Chao, Imp or Guardian Angel). While visiting Santa’s Village, MUtizens may also stumble across Christmas-themed buffs that will increase their character’s speed, attack power, defensive skills and life supply. Additional tickets can be claimed by defeating Santa Monsters, dangerous creatures disguised as Father Christmas.

Additional details on all of the December events will be posted on the MU ONLINE web site:


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