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Murder in Provence

Murder in Provence
  • Release Date: Aug. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Hidden Object Game
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Murder in Provence is a fun hidden object game newly out on Facebook. Set in the beautiful town in Southern France, the game leads us into a mingled feeling of enjoying a holiday and being involved in a mysterious case-solving thrill.

Murder in Provence casts you into the role of a girl named Audrey who came to Provence to meet her twin sister Jane, a production assistant on the filming of an American Movie. Upon arrival in the town, you didn’t see Jane show up to meet you but received a vague text message that guided you to her work place. Still, you didn’t find your sister when you managed to find her studio. You started to worry about her with the mysterious disappearance and a bundle of vague clues, and decided to follow the clue to get her. In this way, the story begins.

Murder in Provence

The game is a unique blend of hidden object game, puzzle and adventure that are rarely seen in the crowded genre. You will have your solid and established elements of searching for hidden objects and meanwhile you will also play many different puzzles as the story unfolds.

The hidden object game part is basically what we all know about it. You enter a scene and try to find all listed items as quickly and accurately as you can before the time runs out. With the usual star-rating system, you will finally get a score based on your basic performance (whether you succeed in finding all items within time limit), combo and accuracy. The play scenes are designed beautifully in a postcard-style, in bright colors and with appropriate arrangement of items. As you explore deeper with the storyline, you can unlock many different scenes from the beach to the movie studio. As to one individual scene, you will replay it as many times so as to complete quests winning rewards or out of the necessity of earning x stars needed to unlock puzzles. Don’t worry about the possible boredom out of repetitive playing, for the play scenes are changing in both item placement and number of stuff on them.

Other than the hidden scenes, you will solve various puzzles at intervals of searching scenes. To unlock a puzzle consumes one or more stars you earn by finding items. And the variety of the puzzles is abundant. You may be asked to piece together postcard fragments, to recognize the scenes you played and the person you met, or to figure out the answers to a series of game-related brain teasers. To solve these puzzles, you don’t need to rack your brain but need to put a little mind to them at least; if you want, you can spend some coins earned by playing to buy clues that help identify the right answer. By successfully solving puzzles, you get free energy points in return. These puzzles make the in-game case more immersive and the game more diversified; and more importantly, they are fun by themselves.

So searching hidden items and solving puzzles are interwoven to make a wonderful game. You win stars by playing hidden scenes to unlock puzzles and then solve puzzles to earn free energy that are required in hidden scenes. It is simply structured but bypassed the cliché construction plus playing pattern. And with its beautiful artwork, reasonable challenge and verified game design, Murder in Provence is really a nice pick hidden object fans don’t want to miss.

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  1. Murder in Provence appears to be an extremely sloppy game.It trips over itself to introduce puzzles,making the most unusual circumstances as a reason to give you a chance to solve a hidden object scene or a mini-game.The writing is unbalanced, loaded with pointless exposition that wouldn't pass as readable in a kids' book.The game suffers from about every slip a game can make:as well simple hidden object scenes, puzzles that practically solve themselves,frequent loading screens, and micro transactions every step of the way.The main thing it gets right is… well…you can play it without running into any game-killing glitches.That is something,perhaps.@Jamie Ray.



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