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My Heroes is a 3D browser-based anime-styled action game that features mixed MOBA with capture-the-flag and RPG. It is the inaugural title developed by Gameswave Group, a leading chinese web game publisher who is entering the overseas market.

My Heroes is set in light-hearted world styled western cartoon theme, where heroes of Red and Blue kingdom fight against each other to rescue back their own process locked in the other’s castle. The background story provides the setting for one of the major game modes, Princess Grabbing, in which two teams, each with up to 10 players, fight the typical MOBA-style battles – the multi-lanes, the minions, the turrets and team-based cooperation – in an attempt of rescuing their own Princess locked up in enemy’s castle and obsessed with eating. The fatter the princess, the bigger the trouble in rescue mission.

My Heroes

Besides, there are four other game modes (for now) for a different battle experience. Massive Battle mode is similar to Free-for-All but only more challenging as it’s you vs. all others. A lone wolf, you take on all other players, defeating as many enemies as possible while staying alive to active the Flame Stone that will give great perks to you. Another mode is the Massive Battle in Team, which pits two teams against each other to drain the other team’s Health value to zero to win.

Still another is the Zombie mode that thrust players into the survival contest between humans and the undead – the low-leveled zombies can be killed and remain dead while the advanced is really undead with the ability of resurrection after death. And finally, it’s Gold Coins Robbing which is randomly generated by the system. If a player is lucky to be put into this mode, he can become really rich with coins just falling from the heaven. If there are more than one lucky dogs, it’s up to them whether they share the treasure or take arms against each other, wining or losing all.

Players in My Heroes can freely try different classes/professions in a battle. Instead of being confined in one particular class, players can easily change their play style by picking up different weapons and equipment. A sword summons a Soldier, a melee fighter with high defense, big mount of blood and area-of-effect attack skills; a gun turns one into a Shooter that can cut into the frontline with onrush skill and fatal bullet; a scepter belongs to a Priest, a supportive healer that won’t attack but can protect himself with additional energy cover; and more.

My Heroes targets casual gamers with its light-hearted fun gameplay. It’s under internal tests now.