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Mystery Epic is an addictive Hidden Object Game from the social game giant 6waves. Set in the modern everyday life, the new object hunt is, nevertheless, awash with an intriguing mysterious atmosphere – certainly, the familiar world can be a totally foreign land for a person whose connection with past is snapped.

In Mystery Epic your goal is to know yourself. That is not a pure philosophical question when you wake up in a messy department without knowing who you are. As you look around, with a pang of panic perhaps, and rummage through the scattered objects, you try to find some clues or anything that could ring a bell. And you pinpoint a notebook with your name (you guess for it feels familiar) on the cover and nothing but a list of names in the blank paper. From there your journey of searching for memory starts.

Mystery Epic

The feeling of “familiar” will haunt you for long. As you step out your department you will encounter Allison, a singer and songwriter dreaming to be a rock star, Trevor, a playboy-style dreamer secretively falling for a teacher in the school, in the café and a full cast of characters in other occasions. They all seem familiar to you and for an unknown reason seem to know you as an old friend but don’t remember. Like being trapped in a conspiracy you don’t know, you will reply on the “familiar” feeling and snippets of clues sensed from the interaction with seemingly random persons you meet to uncover your past and the larger picture pieces up your entwined stories.

Characters will lead you into different locales of the city: gym, live house, park, apartment, mall and more. In the different location, you approach and interact with them in varying ways but never straying away from the main purpose: searching for the memory spark. You will play a wide array of hidden scenes and visit every scene multiple times for clues. When it comes to the basic scene play, it is quite traditional with established mechanics including hints, power-ups, time limit, combo, accuracy and heart-rating system.

Mystery Epic requires a lot replaying of a scene but adds suitable variety to avoid monotony. Characters offer different missions for you to complete in a scene like achieving combos, scoring certain points or playing it under silhouette/time limit mode. Moreover, a play scene is not always the same – the hidden objects list changes in both number and name; objects in the scene are hidden in different places; and more stuff show up in a scene for more difficulty. While it does exist that you replay a scene purely to fill more Hearts to unlock new scenes and episodes, overall there are causes for the replay and challenge in every trial.

It takes quite a long time to uncover the secret about the memory loss and the intertwined story between you and the characters. You cannot learn a character’s life without unlocking the various episodes, each further containing several scenes and a bundle of missions. Again, the energy system is the only buzz-killer that forces pauses. You have a full bar of 60 points and have to wait for slow auto refill unless you level up or buy food with real cash for a quick refill to full.

Mystery Epic integrates some social elements and encourages you to invite friends. Having friends in the game offers free power-ups. Due to the special gifting system, you can ask for free energies and also have up to five free power-ups every day that must be purchased with earned coins or real cash otherwise. Besides, you need friends to fill the slots unlocking certain episodes; or you will have to pay cash.

Mystery Epic is addictive. It is still conventional at the core but its intriguing story makes the commonplace object hunt a different journey. The strange name list, the note that writes “I am watching you”, the fact that you are no amateur of boxing and more oncoming pieces – where will these clues lead you? Will there be an ending and what is it? You need continuous searching for yourself.

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