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Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure is an immersive hidden object title for iOS devices. The game has been out on the market for a couple of years and remains to be one of the most diverse, addictive titles in the Hidden Object genre.

Mystery Manor centers on a mysterious house owned by Mr. X who was secretly lost. You enter this mysterious Manor, searching each room for items for various characters working there and also clues that help uncover the myth behind the disappear of the property owner. Following the overarching storyline, you will turn every stone in the haunted house and enjoy the searching fun.

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The game features a concise and beautiful interface, with the plane graph of the manor in the center. It’s a huge house with many separated regions, which is also evolving with the unfolding storyline of course, with most locked initially. You will start from the living room and then need to purchase keys to open different rooms and gardens at certain level. The total number of the playable scenes is not large, so you will replay a scene for many times following the quest line. Don’t worry about the tedium generated from repetitiveness, though. In contrary, you will sink great time into one scene but still have fun every time.

When it comes to the searching for hidden objects, the game offers solid gameplay with its well-depicted scenes and diverse modes. Basically in a match, you need to find the items from the list before the time (usually around 3 minutes) runs out. You can use the many different helpers there from pointing out a particular item to several extra seconds; and you will receive rewards like EXP, coins and various items in completion. Based on that, you will have different experience in several other modes – you may need to search for items in the Night mode, with items under a small radius of flashlight (moveable) visible; you may play Silhouette mode when the required items are show in shadows rather than name; and you will also play scenes with a list of items whose names are scrambled. The only complaint about the playing scene is that you will sometimes find some items located in places that seem inappropriate, like a broom on the ceiling or a fire alarm under a chandelier.

In-game quests will ask you to explore one scene many times to find different items. In addition to the diverse mode, there are different skill levels from Novice to Trainee and to higher, which decide the difficulty and complexity for each scene as well as the required Energy to play. The higher the skill level, the more the Energy required, and the greater the challenge. So a scene changes at different skill levels, not only in the placement of objects but also in the density of the room. Scalable scenes and diverse modes combine to make the game a high replay value.

Moreover, there will be some additional events that gradually show up as you make progress across the Manor. You can make different collections from items you win by searching scenes and then charge them for benefits; you can use the found items to banish the wandering Snatchins; and you can shift to the yard clearing the entrance and exploring the General’s Bunker; or you can fight the Necromancer and his hordes of demons with skill and valor. The diversity in this part adds a nice touch of adventure and story-telling to the bulk of hidden object genre.

The game monetizes mainly via Diamond, the premium currency. You need Diamond in many aspects from the basic Energy packs to quest items to keys. Honestly, the devs is generous in that it offers an initial amount of Diamonds and some more as rewards from quests. The problem is they are not enough anyway, as you explore to the deep of the Manor. While it’s great to be able to purchase keys for the first two or three rooms with coins earned by pure playing, it then shifts to premium requiring Diamonds to get keys that allow you to proceed. As you enter higher skill levels, the Energy you need for playing a scene increases greatly. If you are itchy for continuous play, you will have to pay for the various energy-refilling food and drinks with Diamond. Also, it’s Diamonds that are needed to join or complete the various in-game events.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure is a great game in the hidden object genre with its beautiful graphics, diverse game modes and overarching storyline. You can play it for quite some time for free and enjoy the experience. Evolving as the in-game world, you will finally have to turn to in-app purchase once you have hit high levels and desire to continue.

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