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Mythic Reign is a free-to-play text-based fantasy RPG that can be played directly on the web browser. Set in the world of Ozryn, the game thrusts players in an adventure fighting to claim their own parts of the chaotic lands. Develop characters, explore the world and enjoy rich role-playing with thousands of other players.

Mythic Reign

Players in Mythic Reign can create their own character choosing from 12 species from angels to vampires to were-creatures and from 4 elements that empower each avatar with extra damage in PvP battles. The species choice doesn’t give any mechanic advantage to the character while the elemental powers enhance characters’ strength in battles via leveling up the elemental infinity.

After character creation, Mythic Reign introduces all the basics in a long quest list. Players in it will develop their characters leveling up the various stats such as strength, stamina, agility and elemental powers, fight battles with other players to earn Exp and stats points, explore in the world map diverse landscapes to gather resources, items, equipment, etc., and join friends and other players in domains, league and chats for active interaction.

Train, battle, explore, forge, trade and develop. In-game activities are plentiful as you grow into higher level and unlock the many features. The development can be non-linear. Players can train characters’ basic stats and elements, mine silver, bronze and copper and weapon recipes to forge awesome arms, hire Drudges- the creature that can make coins for you, interact with other players in battle, share of equipment & funds and in league events, and try to meet the varying challenges to claim special rewards.

A text-based fantasy game, Mythic Reign presents all in the old-school role-playing, purely texts and images. No vivid animation or dynamic presentation, but interactive storytelling. Players can gradually unveil more of the history and story of Oxryn while following the daily quests and exploring the world map. Besides, role-players have other options in the game: role-playing chats cater for quick-minded fans and a role-playing forum is prepared for slower and longer roleplays.

Mythic Reign is a solid old-school fantasy game for casual players and also a wonderful choice for players who are into role-playing. Come to the lands of Oxryn and write your own story in the chaos.

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