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Naruto Saga is a free-to-play anime-styled fantasy Action RPG from the same operator of Ultimate Naruto. Inspired by the popular Japanese anime series, Naruto Saga stays faithful to the original anime and extends the dazzling action and rich ninja lore to its easily accessible online multiplayer gameplay.

In Naruto Saga you take the role of a promising ninja student who seems sharing the same fate like Naruto with powerful evil chakra hidden in your body requiring seal and ability to harness. And like Naruto you will grow to be a great ninja battling to complete various tasks while creating your own destiny. While you can’t play the role you like, you will interact with a full cast of iconic characters from the anime like Itachi, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Sakula and more and even recruit them as your partners to take on powerful enemies.

Naruto Saga

You can direct your technique learning into one of three genres. Ninjutsu ninjas are proficient in Critical Hit with extra damage and deadly blows; Taijutsu ninjas excels in Block and Hit techniques that can reduce damage taken; and Genjutsu fighters are master of the Dodge skill and super Tenacity. These three genres are in a rock-paper-scissors counteraction. It works in a way like this: Gaara (representative of Nin breaks the block of Tsunade (Tai) whose hit restricts the dodge of Orochimaru (Tai) that in turn suppresses the Crit of Jiraiya. So whatever is your class, you are stronger than one type and weaker than the other.

Naruto Saga is simply conventional with regarding to game structure. Quest chain as well as its auto-pathfinding is the starter. By taking various quests, you gain Exp to level up, pick up better equipment, learn new skills, battle through myriads of levels in the campaign and unlock a series of new contents. In-game quests are diverse but revolving around the familiar episodes: protect an important figure safely to arrive at his/her destination, battle wild ninjas with wicked intention, retrieve an important scrolls, defend the village from any threat, or fight a friendly battle with allies as preparation for real battles, and so on and so forth. But most quests come down to a battle.

In-game battle is turn-based lasting for several rounds. You don’t fight single-handedly but will always have another ninja as your fighting partner. The partner sometimes will be the quest-assigned ninja and in most time is the one you recruited. If you are level high enough and have the right recruit card, you can have your favorite ninja by your side. A twist here is that you don’t actually fight side by side but in order: you first jump into fray in battle and your partner will not show up unless you are defeated in a round. So there is not the usual battle formation for a fight; instead, you just control the use of skills and watch the dazzling skill effects – the visual is very cool and dynamite. Simply put, less strategy even, more casual and better skill visuals.

As you venture into the deeper With level requirement reached, you can activate many systems: farming to gain extra silvers, battling in arena for fame and better loots, crawling through epic instances for special transforming power, enhancing equipment to synchronize them with the level of your character and the toughness of battles, transforming to another character for boosted attributes; making friends to party together, joining a faction for greater challenge and so on.

Naruto Saga in on the whole a conventional anime Action RPG that targets casual players and anime fans with its rich implementation of Naruto story, characters and battle skills. But the ubiquitous game structure and mechanics in the core can’t meet the increasing needs for fresh and innovative gaming experience of more and more players.

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