Navy Field 2 Sailed to Open Beta on April 18th

TIME : 20th Apr 2013 SatAUTHOR : Eleanor

Navy Field 2

Intense naval battle broke out on the open seas with the announcement of Open Beta of Nexon Europe’s tactical MMO, Navy Field 2, on the 18th of April. Commanders now can step on board, leading their powerful fleets to the vast ocean for victory in both World Wars. In the open beta, Nexon Europe is calling all captains to the seas in three exciting, rewarding events as such:

  • Captains whoever take time to complete by the 2nd of May the training – Battle Tutorial, Base Defense Tutorial, Base Capture Tutorial, Torpedo & Mine Tutorial, Sonar & Depth Charge Tutorial – will be rewarded not just with the art of war but with powerful armor modifications on the next maintenance.
  • Until April 24 th, the first 5000 players to reach level 10 and level 15 will be rewarded with Nexon Cash – 1,000 and 1,500 NX – as an appreciation of their dedication to the war effort.
  • Between 18 th April and 1 st May, NEXON Europe has reduced the cost of fleet creation from 150,000 credits to only 5,000 credits. A fleet needs ships, so if a player’s fleet reaches the milestones of 10, 20 and 30 members with an average captain level of 15, the whole fleet will be handsomely rewarded for their loyalty, with up to 100k credits each.

Besides, players can also take the fight to Facebook. By boasting victories on Facebook, players can earn in-game items, too.

Welcome aboard, Captain!